Do you offer black henna?

Due to many cases of allergic reactions from black henna, I absolutely refrain from using any type of chemicals on the skin. The henna product I use is made by me using only natural ingredients. However, I do offer Jagua which is a plant based extract that yields a blackish-blue ink on the skin!

Where is your location?

I actually do not have a location! I am a free lancer, which means I come to you, or we can meet at a mutual public spot. If your booking is a bridal or a party package, there may be a small traveling fee that is added!

Where do you put henna on?


Traditionally, henna is applied to the hands, arms and feet; however, I am open to doing henna at different parts of the body. Please note that prices will vary depending on what type, placement, and intricacy of the design is.

I want to get henna done, but I do not know what to expect?

With each booking, I will send you a confirmation email, as well as, provide you thorough information for henna care so that you can yield the best stain possible! I assure you that the henna stain will be its darkest, so long as you take care of the henna and follow directions!

What are your prices?

HennabyUroosa cares about providing you with quality services without breaking your bank. Therefore, each package is custom created to meet your needs! 

When should I book?

I ask that bridal packages be booked at least two months prior to the event! Personal appointments should be booked two weeks before! Due to the fact that I am using natural products, it will take about two days for the stain to reach maturity- plan your henna appointments accordingly!