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Bridal Henna

Each Bridal Package is custom to cater to your needs and budget!

Personal Appointments

 For any type of henna service- back, hand, stomach, leg! You name it, I provide it!

Jagua/ Ink Tattoo

A safe and natural alternative for Black Henna!

My Gallery

Each picture showcased is my own personal work, some designs may have been inspired or replicated by other artists!



Hello, my name is Uroosa Khan and I am the founder of HennaByUroosa! I started doing henna about three years ago, after my father passed away. One of the many talents my father possessed was his art skills, and I was lucky enough to inherit this talent through henna. Henna, not only is a business for me, but it is also a therapeutic activity.  


My favorite types of bookings are Bridal Henna- it may be because my name means "Bride" in Arabic, so I live vicariously through my art! 

I am a freelancer based in Atlanta, Georgia; however, I do travel to other locations!

The henna I use is custom made at home using only natural ingredients, I absolutely refrain from using chemical dyes and ingredients in my henna! With each booking, a fresh batch of henna is made to ensure quality stains! 



Please check out the FAQs section to see if your questions were answered! 

Please feel free to contact me with any questions about your custom package before you book!!

Email and Phone Calls are the best way to contact me!


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